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Franchising - is a form of interaction of the market’s subjects, a vertically - integrated system possessing a number of specific attributes.

Franchising - is a duplication of successful business, a mutually advantageous partnership, a distribution of the professional technologies, a new quality of management.

An integration into the international community and an aggravation of competitive struggle on external and home markets raise an urgency of use of vertical integration technologies and franchising.

Franchising is not only a simple purchase or a sale of the franchise, it is the whole complex of the complicated actions.

Quality of formation and development of attitudes of the partners, being participants of a network, and also purchase of benefits by them and competitive advantages in many respects depend on a level of preparation of specialists. They must modele a franchising enterprises, make expansions in the market with the use of the franchising concept and management of a network growth.

At the Professional Franchising School are worked out special programs directed on suppliing services in the field of training and support of practical introduction of professional technologies of vertical integration and franchising.




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